Thank You

Testimonial from LL

The purpose of this letter is to not only thank Dr. Kane for his superior skills as a plastic surgeon, but to compliment has staff as well. From the moment you enter his office, you feel like you're family. Although I reside in Naples, Florida, I travel to Miami Beach for any cosmetic surgeries I have had. I would never think of going to any other doctor other than Daniel Kane who is Chief of Plastic Surgery at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach. I trust my life with him.

When you first meet Dr. Kane, he never tells you what he feels you need; rather, he listens and ascertains your opinion as to what you feel you'd like to change about yourself. The atmosphere in his office is very friendly and casual. Yoli, his physician's assistant, is one-in-a-million, and one of the most sincere persons I've ever met. Connie and Neavis are also kind and caring. They all certainly go out of their way to accommodate your needs and schedules.

When Dr. Kane did my face lift, I stayed in the hospital overnight. His "special" wing at Mt. Sinai is like waking up in a suite at the Ritz Carlton. The rooms do not resemble a hospital setting at all. Everyone attending to you during your stay treats you with the utmost kindness and respect, and they all can't brag enough about Dr. Kane as a person and as an extremely skilled physician. Quite honestly, he's like an artist. I am a realtor in Naples, and on the fifth day following my face lift, I was showing clients homes. During the typical conversations one has with clients, the question of my age arose. When I gave my age, the couple was astounded. Of course, I told them immediately that I'd just had a face lift five days prior. They were in total disbelief! I work in an office of nearly 800 agents, and have been told on numerous occasions that of all the women in my office who have had cosmetic surgery (and there are quite a number), mine is by far better than any of the others! Because of this, all of my friends, family and acquaintances make the trip from Naples to Miami Beach so that Dr. Kane can operate on them. I've never found anyone that did not regard Dr. Kane as highly as I do. One of my closest friends said she had never been called "beautiful" by anyone in her 50 plus years until Dr. Kane did her face. According to first hand accounts, I've also been told that I have the most perfect, beautiful breasts.

Our biggest fear is that Dr. Kane will retire, and then what will we all do? The end results of his surgery are so natural and beautiful that no one ever knows you've had anything done. His patients don't look like they've been in a wind tunnel with that pulled look or wide, surprised-look eyes. People say I just keep getting younger looking, and I'm happy to say, I just turned 60. I've been told that as a 60 year old woman, I look better than most movie stars' that·s a
compliment! My response always, "Thank you, Dr. Kane!"


"Dr. Kane first operated on my eyes in 1987 – uppers and lowers. At the time, I worked directly for a former U.S. assistant surgeon general. When I left my office the end of the day that Wednesday, I assured him I’d return on Monday. He chuckled back with, “I’m certain you won’t be anywhere near ready to return on Monday.” When I greeted him on Monday morning, he couldn’t believe his eyes; no one could believe mine either! I think everyone in the company came by my office just to see how remarkable I looked! All the doctors commented on how impressed they were. My breasts (although not our in the public as much) have always received that same positive reaction, “They’re perfect!” All of my friends have made the trip across Alligator Alley in order to have Dr. Kane operate on them as well.

Four days following my face lift several years ago, I was showing property in Naples where I am a realtor. When I shared the fact that I had just recently undergone a face lift, both the husband and wife were completely stunned. I had to immediately write down Dr Kane’s name and number for them. They said I looked better than anyone they’ve seen for my age and would not only go to him themselves, but recommend him to others. I feel blessed that so many people express how much younger than my age I look. I always thank God and, of course, Dr Kane.
I’m also reminded of a client who had recently lost her physician husband and decided to change her life completely. She and her son, also a surgeon at John Hopkins Hospital, left the D.C. area where they were from, and relocated to Naples, Florida. Because she also wanted a face lift along with her new life, her son had given her the name of a plastic surgeon whom he recommended; however, after seeing my results, she expressed instead that she’d rather go to the doctor that had operated on me. When I told her that would be Dr. Daniel Kane at Mt. Sinai, she couldn’t believe it. Dr Kane, ironically, was the surgeon her son had recommended!

I trust my life with Dr Kane. I feel safe when he is operating on me, completely safe. Although I’m paranoid of hospitals and doctors, I’ve always been treated like a queen in Mt Sinai, served the best hospital food, and listened gladly while each and every friendly staff person shared one glowing story after the next about Dr. Kane. I know first hand that he is loved and endeared by all of them, and I’m just grateful to say he’s my doctor too, not only one of the best surgeons in the country, but a wonderful man as well.

I hope he doesn’t retire until I’m gone from this earth!"

- L.L., Naples, FL

"Dear Dr. Kane:

Thank you very much for the wonderful job that you did with my eyes and breasts. Everything was a breeze at the hospital.

In addition, I would like to thank your staff for being so helpful and kind to me. I am looking forward to having another procedure in the near future.

Thank you very much."

- A.

Testimonial from LB

Dear Dr. Kane,

I don't know where to begin to say thank you for your extreme kindness. As a 52 year old woman whose self esteem wasn't the best, you have made me feel good about myself and feel pretty once again. It has been a dream come true. I want you to know how special you are to me and my family (husband and kids).

Kindess Regards,


"Dear Doctor Kane,

My partner John and I felt compelled to let you know how happy we are with what you have done for us.

Since we are both up there in years and still working as hairstylists, we very much wanted to try and keep ourselves looking our best. Well, with the liposuction you did on John’s love handles and his face-lift, he looks great and he could not be happier. As for me, I could not be happier either with my face-lift and lower eye lift. You truly have given us a new outlook on life.

Our friends that know that we had the work done cannot get over how good we look. Those that do not know we have had the work done and have not seen us in a while are saying things like, “You look terrific!” or, “You look great!”

I would also like to say that as far as pain goes, I do not know if it is the same for everyone, but as for John and I, we did not even need an aspirin the following day.

Your staff could not have been nicer to us either. Bottom line is that we truly feel blessed in having been recommended to you. Since one’s medical records are private, both John and I give you our permission to show this letter to anyone you like.

I will end this by saying thanks for everything and for giving us what feels like a new lease on life. You can be sure that if either of us should need you in the future, we would not think twice about coming to see you."