Osvaldo Perez - Makup Artist

Osvaldo Perez (better known as O.P) has been part of the beauty industry for over 25 years.  He was trained by the House of Chanel, YSL, Christian Dior and Guerlain.
O.P while living in South Beach, Florida in the 80's began to be involved in editorial work.  House of Chanel in the 90’s noticed his talent and offered him a position as a National Makeup Artist.  He made personal appearances in Chanel Boutiques, Neiman Marcus, Bergdoff Goodman, Barney's, Henry Bendell, Saks Fifth Ave along with many more specialty and department stores showcasing his gift.
In the mid-90’s O.P had the opportunity to meet his mentors Dominique Montetouis and Heidi Hoartz, the creators of Beaute for the House of Chanel. In 1994 Dominique gave O.P his passport as “Citizen of the World” for House of Chanel, where he and all other “Citizens” met to collaborate and create new trends for Chanel Beaute.
Through his years of experience O.P developed his own techniques which now he wants to share with the world. He has created a line of makeup that brings affordable luxury cosmetics.  His mission is "Making the World Beautiful One Woman at a Time."  His approach to educating everyone is to keep it simple and easy. He has created a method of instructions that anyone can follow and enjoy doing.
Makeup Artistry:  Two worlds.  “Makeup” equals technique, while “Artistry” is the individual just combining colors that express the personality. "Makeup trends go out of fashion, while a classic makeup is always in fashion." ~ O.P.